Fruit & vegetable salad Recipe

We always think salads to be dry and boring. How would you like it, if you get some super tasty salads combined with goodness of health?  Today I am going to share the recipe of Fruit & vegetable salad. This salad of fruits and vegetables is irresistible. Ingredients: Apple 2 medium Capsicum 3 medium Onion 1 large Potatoes boiled 3 medium Green … Continue reading Fruit & vegetable salad Recipe


Mayonnaise Recipe

Homemade mayonnaise has a silkiness, an elegance, that you won't find in any commercial preparation. Today I am going that awesome recipe with you all... Ingredients: 1 large egg yolk, at room temperature 30 minutes 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard (Click here to check the recipe of Dijon Mustard) 3/4 cup olive or vegetable oil (or … Continue reading Mayonnaise Recipe

Dijon Mustard Recipe

Hi Everyone, Today I am going to share the recipe of Dijon Mustard. Dijon mustard is a condiment made from mustard seeds, white wine and seasonings. Dijon Mustard can be used as a dressing for salads, sauce for sandwiches, flavoring pastas, raita's, vegetables like potatoes and more.  The dijon mustard once made, can be used instantly, but it does … Continue reading Dijon Mustard Recipe